"M&W trombones are truly incredible instruments. Matthew and Michael are amazing artists and their horns allow me to play the entire range of the instrument with ease. M&W trombones have a beautiful, colorful sound that makes it easy to play any style of music in any ensemble. From the orchestra pit or the symphonic stage to a trombone quartet or playing a solo recital, I’ve yet to find a style or situation where my M&W trombone hasn’t risen to the occasion. Thank you M&W for making such an amazing instrument!" 

Nick Schwartz 

Principal Bass Trombone, New York City Ballet Bass 

Trombone Faculty: Juilliard School Pre-College, Mannes School of Music, and Bard College

Co-Founder of Third Coast Trombone Retreat 

 "M&W is the best trombone I have ever played. As a freelancer, it allows me the flexibility to go from the orchestra to chamber music and into a commercial setting with ease." 

Richard Harris

NYC Freelancer


 ”The first adjective that comes to mind when I think  of my new M&W Custom Trombone is this: Resonance!  It combines the best characteristics of all of my favorite horns I have played throughout my career. It has breadth of tone and stability as well as clarity, warmth, and substance. There are no unstable notes and the intonation is a dream. This is a horn that eliminates the sometimes subtle struggle one puts up with in the case of most professional trombones on the market. It is not just beautifully crafted with amazing precision, it is what I would call a “Smart Horn.” It has worked out a lot of problems for you beforehand and just lets you freely play what is in your heart! This is what it is all about.” 

Abbie Conant Former 

Principal Trombone, Munich Philharmonic (1980-1993)

Professor of Trombone,University of Music Trossingen, Germany

"From the very first notes that I played on an M&W bass trombone I could tell there was something special in the sound. Matthew, Michael, and Sue have been wonderful to work with and have helped me find a way to let my voice be heard. I love the way my custom TIS responds to me and allows me to paint colors with sound while maintaining clarity and stability. It is the perfect balance of careful craftsmanship, attentive collaboration, and pure magic all rolled into one amazing and beautiful instrument. It is sheer joy to play!"   

Jason Sulliman, D.M.
Assistant Professor of Trombone, Troy University


"I would like to take a few minutes to express my congratulations to Michael McLemore and Matthew Walker on their new company, M&W Custom Trombones. I have been a fan of their work for years, beginning when they were both working for the original Greenhoe Trombone Company in Jackson, Wisconsin. Now that they have opened their own business, M&W Custom Trombones, they not only have continued, but have improved upon their quality and craftsmanship. When I received my M&W Trombone last year, I was confident and comfortable enough to pull it out of the box and perform L’Histoire du Soldat on it that evening. The overtones, projection, and ease of play, truly make M&W Trombones an outstanding choice for the musician striving for excellence." 

Aaron LaVere

Principal Trombone, Baltimore Symphony


"My M&W 322 tenor trombone is an amazing instrument, a work of art built by two incredibly meticulous craftsmen. For me, playing my horn is like hanging out with an old and dear friend – just really comfortable, easy, you know? I love the sound I’m able to get from the trombone, as well as the ease and clarity of articulations, resonance, and projection. The instrument just feels “right” in my hands. I appreciate the knowledge, experience, personal attention and service Michael and Matthew offer their customers. This may sound cliché but it’s true - M&W's customer service is second to none. I’ve been performing and teaching for more than 30 years, and during that time I’ve played many different trombones. I believe M&W trombones are the finest trombones made today. Play one, you’ll believe it, too."

Dr. Michael Davidson
Associate Professor of Trombone, University of Kansas School of Music
Principal Trombone, Shreveport Symphony Orchestra 

 "My experience with M&W custom trombones was excellent from start to finish!  Matthew and Michael were very enthusiastic about building a custom bass trombone modeled after the horn that I’ve played for the past 19 years.  They take great pride and joy in their craftsmanship, and did an incredible job replicating the unusual valve wrap and individual balance point of my old horn.  The instrument looks, plays, and feels fantastic!  I couldn’t be happier with their work.  Playing this instrument has given me renewed energy to pursue the next steps in my musical development. It has been a sound investment!!!  Thank you M&W"

Max Seigel

New York City Freelance Trombonist

Founding member, Weather Vest Quartet


  "With my M&W trombone, I finally have everything I want in an instrument. From the first note I played, I was drawn in by its clear and immediate response. The flexibility feels effortless compared to instruments I've played on previously, and I love the beautiful and versatile sound. With my M&W trombone I am comfortable as a soloist, in a chamber ensemble, or in a full orchestra." 


Bob Kastner  

2nd Trombone, Naples Philharmonic

  ​​"Michael McLemore and Matthew Walker have designed and produced the best trombone I have ever played. From the first moments I spent playing it, I fell in love with the ease of its response, the beauty of its tone, and the stability of every note. There are no “bad notes” on this horn! It holds together extremely well at high volume and responds so effortlessly on the soft end. The valve blows so freely and the tonal color throughout all registers is consistent and beautiful. The ease of flexibility and intonation are simply a dream come true. This trombone is precisely and beautifully crafted by masters who truly care about their product and their customers. I look forward to spending the rest of my career with my M&W Custom Trombone!" 


James T. McNair, Jr.   

Former Trombonist – The “President’s Own” United States Marine Band                                                                 

East Texas Symphony Orchestra                                                     Dallas/Fort Worth - Area Freelancer

"M&W Custom Trombones are the foremost professional instrument on the market. The bass trombone allows me the flexibility to play in any style required: teaching in the studio, recording, performing with an orchestra, performing with a brass quintet, and playing solo recitals. The M&W Custom Trombone allows for easy resonance, creating a colorful, clear, and warm sound. The design eliminates intonation or insecure note issues. All of this allows me to play with my sound concept and enjoy performing. Matthew and Michael are artists and craftsmen who understand the needs of a professional instrument and performer. Thanks for a great trombone!"

Benjamin Yates

Assistant Professor of Music, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Trombone Clinician

Freelance Trombonist