Customization options

Bell Construction

Detachable or fixed bell


One-piece bells produce a sound which features a strong emphasis on the fundamental pitch being played, with good projection and stability of tone. Soldered bead is standard on one piece bells.

Two-piece bells produce a sound with a complex range of upper overtones above the fundamental pitch being played. Strong projection, with great flexibility of sound. Un-soldered bead is standard on 2 piece bells

Bell Materials

Yellow brass 70% copper-30% zinc. Creates a clear, pure sound, which is consistent throughout the dynamic range and tessitura. 

Gold brass 85% copper-15% zinc. Sits between yellow and red brass in overall characteristics. Produces a well balanced and flexible sound spectrum.

Red brass  90% copper-10% zinc.  Very warm, rich sound. Dense and complex in softer dynamics, with an exciting brilliance in louder dynamics. Very flexible and malleable sound spectrum. 

Handslide Material Options

Yellow brass tubes create a rich, full sound, with a nice balance between response and depth of sound. 

Gold brass tubes give a very dense, rich, core sound with a more deliberate attack required to maintain quick response. 

**A yellow brass handslide crook will add depth and body to the sound, where-as a nickel crook will induce brilliance and clarity to the above slide tube options.


Mirror Finish


Brushed Satin


Media Blast


Bare Brass

The choice of lacquered finishes (mirror, brushed satin, or media blast)  does not affect the sound quality, play-ability or price of the instrument.