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M&W 322 Large Bore Single Valve Tenor Trombone $5,290

M&W 322-T Large Bore Single Valve Tenor Trombone (Tuning in Slide) $5,730

Specs: .547” Handslide, .562” Valve section

Standard Bell Diameter: 8.5"

With an effortless ease of response, the M&W 322 produces a gorgeous classic orchestral sound, and embodies a versatility to suit the requirements of any performing situation. With a clear, solid response of articulation and tone, the Model #322 makes it easy for the trombonist to blend well with other instruments at any dynamic level and can also effortlessly produce a powerful, distinctive trombone sound

M&W 336 Medium Bore Trombone $5,290 (without valve $2,999.00)

Specs: .525 Handslide

.562 Valve Section

8" bell (standard)

Designed with exceptional quality of sound and versatility, the M&W 336 is a great choice for those who prefer the characteristics of a medium bore trombone. The 336 features a gorgeous clear and focused, yet rich sound with a quick response in all registers.


M&W 929 Large Bore Double Valve Bass Trombone $6,590

M&W 929-T Large Bore Double Valve Bass Trombone Tuning In Slide $7,030


Specs: .562” Handslide
(Optional) Dual Bore: .562”-.578”
Valve Section: .594”

Standard Bell Diameter: 9.5"

(custom diameters available on special order)

The M&W 929 Bass Trombone provides a rich and full foundation in any musical setting from the most delicate pianissimo to a powerful Fortissimo. The sound is complex and vibrant, with a resonant, clear projection.
M&W Bass Trombones can be configured with single valve, double independent, double dependent, in either open or traditional wrap, in the tuning of the players choice. 

M&W 210 Small Bore Jazz Tenor Trombone $2,999


 .500 Handslide (optional .508)

Bell Diameter: 8" (optional 7.5")

M&W 129 Eb Alto Trombone $2,775


Specs: .500" Handslide

(Optional) Dual Bore: .490"-.500"

​Bell Diameter: 7"

Our Model #129 boasts a clean, crisp, characteristic “alto” sound with an exceptional ease of response. Our alto is designed to allow a full 7 position slide and is intended to work well with large bore American Tenor and Bass Trombones.


Single Valve Section $2,750

Tenor or Bass

Single valve sections are offered with yellow brass tubing and standard F valve tuning. Custom tuning is available. 

Double Valve Section $3,960

 Double valve sections are offered with yellow brass tubing in either standard independent or  dependent valve configurations. Custom valve tuning available 

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