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M&W Custom Trombones

 M&W Custom Trombones have been designed with the professional trombonist in mind and are built to the finest standards of quality and fit. The instruments are crafted so you, the player, will enjoy a classic, rich, clear, and dynamic trombone sound with an ease of response throughout the entire range of the instrument. Trombonists will find M&W instruments embody equal capabilities of delicate, pianissimo playing as well as powerful projection in louder dynamics. Finding the right instrument for your craft is of great significance and something that is taken very seriously. From the moment we begin working with you, you become a part of the M&W family. This means you will receive undivided, personal attention as well as guidance in creating the perfect instrument for your performance needs. 

Being a trombonist myself, brings a unique perspective and insight as to what performers want and need for their professional pursuits.  You can be certain that every instrument is crafted with consistent, fine attention to accuracy and detail. I look forward to meeting with you and welcome you to experience M&W Custom Trombones for yourself.  

 ~  Matthew Walker, Owner and Craftsmen